Automated system for displaying
the progress and results of voting. Full integration with Bosch, Shure, Televic, Beyerdynamic, and Sehnheiser conference systems.

Modern conferences
under control.
Using modules for voting, the conference system allows you to conduct personal registration for participants of the conference.
By setting parameters for the
event, the system allows you to visually inform people when they have successfully met the mandatory conditions for beginning the conference.

Beginning of the
You can make the conference agenda available to participants, as well as showing voting results for issues discussed.

Every question can be accompanied by attached documents and any additional informational parameters necessary.

The chairman of meeting has extended information on the voting results displayed
on a separate screen.
Voting on an agenda item can take place in several stages, each of which may have certain criteria for obtaining a positive voting result.

Discussion and voting
Visibility of discussion results
is an integral part of any
By assigning a name to a participant's remote control in the conference system, the camera will automatically aim at the speaker when the microphone is switched on and display information about him in parallel.

Every speaker can be assigned
a specified amount of time to talk.
More information
on one screen
together with Multiviewer
And all of this with
maximum power.
Up to 7 SDI inputs, multi-window, content recording displayed on the screen. Display of video files, images, and documents with help from the interface. Connection of mobile devices without cables.